Golden Hawk Canoes

Hand Crafted Quality
Since 1968

10' Square Stern

Popular for duck hunting, trapping, bow fishing, fishing, and recreation. Unique design, a true double ender at the waterline for canoe maneuverability. This allows you to motor or paddle in both forward and reverse without any drag.  All canoes can be customized from solo canoes up to three seats.  Visit our options page to see what customization might interest you.


Colors: Forest Green, Yellow, Wine, Red, Navy Blue, Deadgrass, Blue, Teal, and Deadgrass Camo.   

* Custom coloring is available for additional cost


10' Square Stern    


(at center)

(at center)


Carrying Capacity

Motor Rating




50 Lbs.

450 Lbs.

3 H.P.

Unique Design

The Golden Hawk Canoe was inspired by the tradition of early wilderness explorers and modern day canoeing know-how.  The unique full contour hull design, which contributes to stability, lets you feel at home on a mirror-like pond or rough water. You are assured of fun and satisfaction for a lifetime.

Hand Crafted Quality

Each Golden Hawk Canoe is made with precise hand lay-up of fiberglass and resin to ensure uniformity and strength, plus these features:

- For safety, foam filled floatation
- For strength and durability, solid ash
  thwarts, yokes and a full length, metal keel
- For comfort, beautiful cedar seats, web seats, boat seats
- For Beauty, molded-in colors
- Hand crafted since 1968


All Canoes made by Golden Hawk LLC are guaranteed to the original owner against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year.

 Warranty does not apply to damage sustained from misuse, damage from improper trailering, or accidents while stored or being transported.

 The liability of Golden Hawk LLC under the foregoing warranty is limited to repair of such defects, while in warranty, by Golden Hawk LLC free of charge.  Freight charges to and from the factory will be borne by the Canoe owner. Any structural changes in the canoe will void guarantee.  The Judgment of Golden Hawk LLC is final as to extent of liability.

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