Golden Hawk Canoes

Hand Crafted Quality
Since 1968

Here at Golden Hawk we pride ourselves in providing exactly what the customer wants.  Every canoe can be designed to meet your exact requirements. Contact us for options you want pricing on to make your perfect canoe.

Front & Rear Web Seats                                                                         
The Largest web seats on the market.  Front seat is 20" x 11.5" and rear seat is 17" x 11.5".  All seats are made from high strength nylon webbing and ash wood.  Seats are mounted from the sidewall.


Folding Snap On Seats                                      
Perfect for some added back support.  wrap around and snap on to either cedar blank seats or web.  Seats come in camo with pocket back.

Boat Seats                                                                                                                     
For more support and comfort we offer the upgrade to padded boat seats.  Front and back seat swivel with the front seat having the option to turn around.  Both seats are removable for transportation.


Manufactured out of Oak. The yoke perfect for the boundary waters and anywhere you need to portage your canoe.  All yokes are mounted to balance the weight of the canoe for ease of transport.

Stand Up Bar                                                       
Whether you are fly-fishing, bow-fishing, or just stand up paddling Golden Hawk Canoes has created a stand up bar for even more stability when standing and throwing your weight around. The bar is removable and is bolted to the floor.

Thwart Bag                                                          
Spacious packs attach quickly with side-release buckles.  Special water-resistant YKK zippers.  Two Story with extra lower compartment.

The 800RL Series has all the features the avid canoeist requires.  Lightweight and excellent balance create the finest wooden paddles around at affordable prices. The 800R Series is available in lengths 4 1/5 feet through 5 1/2 feet in 6 inch increments.

Minn-Kota C2 Trolling Motor Kit                                      

       The Endura C2 Transom-Mount Trolling
      Motor is built to last.

      Composite construction
      Composite shaft is guaranteed for life
      Telescoping 6" handle
      2-year warranty
      Molded in Battery Box
      Molded in Wiring Harness

Battery tray and wiring kit                                                    

  This battery tray has a
  convenient hold-down strap that is
  easily tightened to keep battery
  secure and snug and prevent damage
  to boat, equipment, and battery.  
  Battery Box and wiring is molded into
  the canoes to secure the battery and
  wiring.  The wiring connects to a
  molded in junction block at the stern.  
  (Battery not included)10 gauge wire used. Check with motor Mfg for recommended wire size.

Solar Panel                                                                                                                 

This rock solid Solar Panel converts sunlight into electric power for charging a 12V
rechargeable battery. At 7.5" x 7", this panel attaches directly to the canoe. It is
weatherproof, rustproof, and corrosion-

Lehr 2.5HP                            Propane outboard
Propane powered 4 Stroke OHV, 4000 - 4500 RPM max full throttle. Will take all size propane tanks to ensure desired amount of time on the water over gas motors.

Backwater Lite                                                 
- Machined aluminum bell housing
- High Strength DOM Drive tube
- 360° Swivel Transom with 3 point locking system
- Revo-Clean System Keeps debris out of lower housing
- Backwater Blade Stainless Super Weedless propeller
- Surface Tracer CT cavitation plate

The Fisherman's Package                                                     
Everything needed to help enhance your fishing experience on the water!  This package has accessories to hold and organize your gear along with bow and stern lights to extend your fishing trips into the night.  It also includes the worlds first ever magnetic lure and tool holders molded right into the canoe;

2 rods holders                        rear bungee kit               2 anchor ties 
stern and bow lights             2 handles                         4 magnetic holders



Gun/Bow Holder                                                
Bolt on Gun or Bow holders with rubber pull straps to keep you weapon secure during  transport.


Single Canoe Trailer
Golden Hawk's single place trailer allows you to easily load, transport, and unload any one of our models.  Rugged steel frame with 610lb capacity.  Road ready and meets DOT requirements. Fully submersible.

Custom Cov

Golden Hawk has teamed up with and come out with a full line of custom snap on covers for all models.  Covers come in a variety of colors along with options for zippers. All covers are weather proof and vinyl or canvas. Great if you go on camping trips or want to keep your gear out of the weather.  covers also come in camo colors for duck hunters.  

Shipping & Handling

We currently ship all canoes palatalized, LTL Freight.  In order to get the best pricing we ship to a business address in your area. We can ship world wide.  National shipments take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on where their destination is. 

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