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Karen Davidson                                                                               7/28/2017

About 10 years or more ago, we wanted a canoe that was easy to fish from and stable enough for our kids.  We tried several different brands, some of which were easier to tip over than to keep upright.  We tried Golden Hawk and never looked any further.  We love this canoe and would recommend it to anyone.  It is light weight, very stable, and wears well.  We still have it!

Paul Shirek                                                                                      11/21/2016
Bow Hunting

Hi Folks:

Just wanted to let you know how great this canoe works for me to bow hunt.  I paddle as far as two miles to get to some remote islands and have some great opportunities there.  This canoe works great.  Really tough, very stable and just a perfect tool for bow hunting.  There may be some canoes that are easier to move through the water but I really appreciate the stability when there are two of us and all our gear and we need to get in and out without getting wet.  It's awesome.  As you can probably see it is an older model and has been seriously used but it has proved amazingly durable.  Also easy for me to use by myself when I need to.  I use a kayak paddle and move backwards when by myself.  Made the two mile paddle a few nights ago by myself in under 30 minutes.  Had a nice buck close but not close enough.  Thanks for a great product!

Grant Herron                                                                                     7/22/2016 181 miles in my canoe

I have owned a 12' 9" Golden Hawk canoe for close to 7 years now. I had got it mainly to fish and trap out of. I enjoyed mine so much that I talked my buddy into purchasing one as well. I loved the stability and lightweight frame for carrying. When trapping with one it can get abused a lot and it has held up great. I had kicked around for a long time about a long distance trip in it. Here in Ohio there is a river system that runs 181miles starting close to my home town and ending at the Ohio River. I talked my buddy into going and we set the date. The first stretch for about 40 miles was rocky and shallow at times but your canoes handled great. The rest of the trip was mainly large river, deep and slow. We went across 14 locks and dams and at times had to drag them through the woods for long periods of time. The stability of your canoe allowed us to stand up and since we were paddling 15 hours a day it was a luxury to paddle standing and I would have to say a 1/3 of the trip was done standing. It had taken us 6 1/2 days to complete with our best day being 47 miles. Our Golden Hawk canoes both held up great through the rugged terrain and not once did I ever feel it was going to fail. We had so many people inquire about our canoes, bigger than a kayak smaller than a standard aluminum canoe and lightweight it became attractive to many people who like me and my buddy like a little adventure. So thank-you for producing a canoe that allows us to have our own huckleberry fin tales.

HNS                                                                                                   4/14/2016

This is a great niche canoe; very stable, and perfect for fishing. It is almost like a hybrid of a rowboat and a canoe; not a tripper or racer, but great for birding, fishing, relaxing, etc. I also use it as a workhorse for "chores" on the farm pond, such as moving pallets and old Christmas trees to place for fish habitat.

The canoe is stable enough to handle the antics of squirmy preschoolers and large dogs, which is perfect for my usage. It does have a keel on it, so it tracks well for a short boat. This might be a disadvantage if it is really rocky where you intend to use a canoe. I have only used it on flat water, and haven't put a motor on it, but it paddles well for such a wide canoe. Although a tandem, paddling it solo also works.

Dan Renzoni                                                                                  10/30/2015

These canoe have their priorities very well designed in. They are extremely stable in not to rough of conditions. The long keel line keeps them going straight very well for a short canoe. They hold a ton for their length. Their appealing lines harken back to some early birch bark designs.

These canoes have been produced by others since about the 60s. The present owners have made many improvements to structure so they are lighter and tougher than some of the earlier manufactured models.

If you need a short stable canoe and aren't concerned about making a lot of miles in a day, this may be the perfect canoe for you, and you can't beat the price. It's a lot of canoe for the money.

Mike Stone                                                                                       8/21/2014

The Golden Hawk canoes are a refreshingly unique design. Perhaps the most unique feature is the transom built above the waterline for adding a motor. While most motor-ready canoes have a flat back, the Golden Hawk transom is raised so that it is on top of a full form canoe. This allows the canoe to function with all the efficiency and responsiveness of a canoe - including going backwards. Because I am not a motorist, the transom has another purpose for me; It is a luxurious platform for equipment. Secure a large tackle box onto the transom for gear and you nearly have a canoe with closet space. The transom also offers a convenient mounting area for portable lighting.

I am not a motorist, so paddle responsiveness is paramount to me. I found the Golden Hawk to be exceptionally responsive - surprisingly so. It can turn on a dime. Still, the old-school protruding 3" metal keel allows it to cut straight lines on open water and punch strong winds in the nose. Although the bottom is flat, the Golden Hawk has a decidedly pronounced sidewall curve, so if the paddler intentionally leans to the side, the canoe can edge onto it's side and perform as if it had an abundance of rocker.

One of the finest characteristics is its stability. This makes it the workhorse of hunters, fishermen, trappers, and recreational canoeists. I canoe and fish often with a six year old who was skiddish about being in tippy canoes. Once in the Golden Hawk, he felt relaxed and confident in the stability. He noticed he could walk standing side to side or front to back without tipping the canoe. This, I find, is one of the most appreciated characters of the Golden Hawk; platform stability even in rough sea.

The 65 lbs is the culmination of a higher quality fiberglass woven mat and resin combination. The Golden Hawk is manufacture 100% in Wisconsin, USA of with a special outside-in process. The result is a canoe with beautiful lines and robust strength. Because of it's fiberglass construction, it is easily repaired by the casual do-it-yourself paddler if ever necessary.

All things considered, the Golden Hawk is an exceptionally useable canoe. It is responsive to the paddle, unique in it's useable space, and one of the most stable canoes available.

SSG Armstrong Dustin                                                                      8/21/2014

I picked up a well used Golden Hawk Canoe on Craigslist that with the help of a Golden Hawk representative we were able to determine that it was built in 1980. My buddy Wayne and I spent 6 days in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Being this was our first trip ever doing something with a canoe of this caliber, I should have stuck to backpacking procedures and packed lightly. We had right at 200 lbs of gear plus the canoe and in that time we crushed just over 40 miles of paddling and portaging. The canoe was extremely stable in choppy water loaded down with gear. Once the canoe was unloaded and camp was setup, we began fishing. Fishing from the seated position can be a little tricky at first. Rather than adapting, both of us were able to stand up in the canoe and fish normally. The few people that saw us while fishing thought we were crazy to do so because standing in their 18 foot canoe would be risky business. I hooked into and landed a 34 in northern, a 5 lb largemouth bass which hit my muskie spinner, and countless small mouth bass all while standing up in the canoe. Before I picked this canoe up, I thought all canoes were about the same. Clearly not all canoes are created equal. Before this trip I had myself and one other buddy standing up bowfishing for carp in a slough near where I live. The combination of light weight and stability Golden Hawk offers with their canoes opens up countless possibilities for the hardcore outdoorsman.

Jeff Crockett                                                                                     12/6/2013
Love My Golden Hawk!

I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my new 10’ Traditional Golden Hawk Canoe!  It is not often that I take the time to write a “Thank You” (mainly due to my limited typing speed), but I have always believed that one must give credit where credit is due. 

A little background first.  I have been enjoying the outdoors my whole life which is coming up on 50 years now.  In all those years, I’ve been involved in various outdoor water related activities that involved either canoes or boats.  To say that ”I’ve had a few (canoes and boats)” is an understatement as I think I’ve tried them all! 

Specifically in regards to canoes, I’ve owned various lengths, weights, brands and styles of canoes in fiberglass, mold injected resins and aluminum for a variety of different applications.  Each canoe served its purpose but there was one area that I had always struggled to match up the right attributes of the canoe to my needs…that was for small creek or remote back-country exploration, hunting and trapping. 

I tried smaller, lightweight aluminum canoes, but they were too long and extremely tippy!  I tried longer, wider canoes for greater stability, but they were unmanageable in winding, narrow creek systems. 

It was not until I purchased a 10’ Traditional Golden Hawk Canoe this season that I have truly been 100% satisfied in ALL aspects!  It is stable beyond imagination, extremely lightweight, amazingly durable, able to handle a tremendous amount of gear and weight , very easy to maneuver in extremely tight quarters, easy to transport, great looking and affordably priced.  There is NO OTHER canoe (or other water vessel for that matter) that I have ever found that is even close to providing all the qualities of this product.  I am certain that I will have many years of memorable and enjoyable use from my Golden Hawk so for that I say, “THANK YOU GOLDEN HAWK CANOES”!

Keith Worrall                                                                                    11/09/2013

I have had my Golden Hawk since May of this year and have used it for all kinds of water activities. My wife and I first fished out of the canoe for crappies in the spring and had a blast. The canoe was very stable and easy to paddle around. It performed great on river float trips and I even found my self standing up and fishing quite a bit. I like that it is stable enough to stand up and fish out of because I have a bad back and need to stretch quite often. I have caught some big fish in my canoe this summer and had no problem landing them. This model came with a built in 12 volt battery holder and has the positive and negative wires molded into the canoe. My 35lb thrust trolling motor worked great for long trips on the water. Also i put my four horse motor on the back of the canoe and it performed great. This fall my friend and I have used it for water fowl hunting and i could not believe how much weight it could handle. We loaded it up with about 50 duck decoys, back packs and our guns and it handled it no problem. My buddy said he liked it so much that he plans to buy one for him self next year. Also like the fact that it is so lite being made of fiber glass I can load and unload it by my self. All around just a great canoe...

Dylan Roethle 7/29/17

Amazing Canoes for fishing. Stable enough for two people to stand in and light enough to handle by yourself. It was worth the wait for sure. Keep up the good work guys.

KC 8/1/16

 This is simply a fantastic canoe and the customer service is excellent. I bought this canoe last summer and my son and I fish with it while paddling rivers and trolling on small lakes. I have the 10' and it still has enough room for the two us, our duck hunting gear and our 75lb. curly coated retriever. Thanks Golden Hawk!

Randy 12/1/15

Just wanted to let you know that my new 'hawk is earning its keep. It has been a tremendous trap-line tool this season and I can't wait to take it fishing in the spring. Thanks again for building such a great

Keith Worrall    7/15/14

Took the whole family out in the Golden Hawks to do some pan fishing. I let my 8 year old son Kaden go out in the 10'er by himself for the first time and he loved it. I don't think Ive ever seen him smile that big. He was able to maneuver the canoe at will and loved the fact that he could stand up and fish with out the worry of tipping over. The 10'er is unbelievably stable.
Dann            6/30/2014

 I will never buy another canoe. A very stable platform and beautiful lines.
Despite it's size it can hold 4 people... if you had to. Using it for canoe day trips, multiple day trips, fishing and hunting.

Jim             12/15/2011

They are tough! With this low water I had to pull over rocks, was getting a little worried, no issues.  Thanks again for such a great canoe. Opened up many areas that I would of never been able to trap. More coon, beaver , rats, and jumbo buck mink!

Richard Schwerin         10/19/2012

I purchased this canoe earlier this year and simply love it. I use it for fishing and canoeing with my wife. It's very stable, light-weight - easy for one person to handle, to load & unload into even a short 6' box of a pickup truck.

Jim Parker                      2/01/2012

My primary use of this canoe is for trapping. In our family we have 2 Golden Hawks. 1 was won at a Wisconsin Trappers Convention. We are very happy with the performance and stability they've given us over the years. These canoes are great no matter what activity you are using them for.

Frank Davis               3/10/2014

I researched canoes for about a year before I bought my Golden Hawk. I needed a canoe that I could car top solo, be very stable and cost around $1,000. I found it with Golden Hawk. It exceeded all my expectations. It is light, stable and has a very unique look. The workmanship was outstanding. I would highly recommend this canoe.

Kismet                            8/07/2012

Recently rescued a 12.9 Golden Hawk square stern from adolescent abuse.:) Patched up what needed it, and have taken it out paddling (with the dog), and with a 30 lb. trolling motor with a passenger (@170 lbs). All boats are compromises, but this little Y-stern canoe is stable, moves under paddle rather nicely, and picks up and goes well with the light trolling motor

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