Here’s What Our Customers are Saying About Us

  • Dylan Roethle

    Amazing Canoes for fishing. Stable enough for two people to stand in and light enough to handle by yourself. It was worth the wait for sure. Keep up the good work guys.

  • KC

    This is simply a fantastic canoe and the customer service is excellent. I bought this canoe last summer and my son and I fish with it while paddling rivers and trolling on small lakes. I have the 10' and it still has enough room for the two us, our duck hunting gear and our 75lb. curly coated retriever. Thanks Golden Hawk!

  • Randy

    Just wanted to let you know that my new 'hawk is earning its keep. It has been a tremendous trap-line tool this season and I can't wait to take it fishing in the spring. Thanks again for building such a great product.

  • Keith Worrall

    Took the whole family out in the Golden Hawks to do some pan fishing. I let my 8 year old son Kaden go out in the 10'er by himself for the first time and he loved it. I don't think Ive ever seen him smile that big. He was able to maneuver the canoe at will and loved the fact that he could stand up and fish with out the worry of tipping over. The 10'er is unbelievably stable.

  • Dann

    I will never buy another canoe. A very stable platform and beautiful lines. Despite it's size it can hold 4 people... if you had to. Using it for canoe day trips, multiple day trips, fishing and hunting.

  • Jim

    They are tough! With this low water I had to pull over rocks, was getting a little worried, no issues. Thanks again for such a great canoe. Opened up many areas that I would of never been able to trap. More coon, beaver , rats, and jumbo buck mink!

  • Richard Schwerin

    I purchased this canoe earlier this year and simply love it. I use it for fishing and canoeing with my wife. It's very stable, light-weight - easy for one person to handle, to load & unload into even a short 6' box of a pickup truck.

  • Jim Parker

    My primary use of this canoe is for trapping. In our family we have 2 Golden Hawks. 1 was won at a Wisconsin Trappers Convention. We are very happy with the performance and stability they've given us over the years. These canoes are great no matter what activity you are using them for.

  • Frank Davis

    I researched canoes for about a year before I bought my Golden Hawk. I needed a canoe that I could car top solo, be very stable and cost around $1,000. I found it with Golden Hawk. It exceeded all my expectations. It is light, stable and has a very unique look. The workmanship was outstanding. I would highly recommend this canoe.

  • Kismet

    Recently rescued a 12.9 Golden Hawk square stern from adolescent abuse.:) Patched up what needed it, and have taken it out paddling (with the dog), and with a 30 lb. trolling motor with a passenger (@170 lbs). All boats are compromises, but this little Y-stern canoe is stable, moves under paddle rather nicely, and picks up and goes well with the light trolling motor.